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National and international specialty Restaurant Bar, with food and beverages of quality, specialized on imported Black Angus meat cuts, exquisite selection of cheeses and fine wines.

It offers an atmosphere of exclusivity and privacy, it is a perfect place to relax, indulge and have a memorable afternoon with professional staff that strives to make each visit an enjoyable experience.

Studio 57 is impregnated in details, high wooden walls, and majestic trees overpassing the roof, their trunks and roots under the floor. The place was built respecting all the trees that lived in the area, amazing wooden sculptures, hanging fruit bowls with seasonal fruit, comfortable and private lounges; to meet the different needs of our clients, lighting with candles and lanterns at night.

You will find exclusive paintings of master artist Marcelo Pacanins and the piano of the great composer Agustin Lara in which a concert is given on Friday and Saturday night.

Live this unforgettable experience!


Recibidor en Studio 57 Mesas en Studio 57 Sala lounge en Studio 57 Sala y mesa en Studio 57 Sala lectura en Studio 57 Mesa en Studio 57 Mesa en Studio 57 Piano en Studio 57 Piano en Studio 57 Barra en Studio 57 Cava en Studio 57

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12pm- 9pm Sunday to Thursday
12pm-12am Fridays and Saturdays
Tel: 01-721-14-3-3367


Visit our sites:
www.plazamaclovia.com.mx y www.mateainn.com.mx